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Giovanni Battista Lombardi

24 Novembre 1822 - 8 Marzo 1880


The formation of Giovanni Battista Lombardi, born in Rezzato (BS) in 1822, begins when he moves to Milan, in 1846, to attend the Academy of Brera, under the guidance of the neoclassic painter Giuseppe Sogni (1790 - 1874), and the atelier of Lorenzo Vela (1812 – 1897), ornamentalist sculptor, elder brother of Vincenzo. In 1852, Giovanni Battista goes to Rome to study at the Academy of S. Luca and at the purist sculptor Pietro Tenerani’s place (1789 – 1869). The artist’s production, highly diversified, goes from portraits to funeral and public monuments, up to works on a mythological, historical-biblical and “gracious” theme. Several compositions of his are kept in Brescia’s Vantiniano cemetery, in Bologna’s Certosa and in Rome’s Verano. Other works are located in italian and foreign private collections, and some others are exposed in the U. S. A. and in Australia. In piazza della Loggia, Brescia, it is located the Monumento alle X Giornate of 1849, one of his best known works, given to the city by Vittorio Emanuele II.