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Comi Monument



The tomb purchased by Filippo Comi in 1895 was completed three years later with the magnificent marble work by the Tuscan painter and sculptor Giorgio Kienerk (1869 - 1948). At the centre of the ancona is a golden cross, around which a bas-relief depicts the allegorical theme of the Parable of Human Life in biological evolution from youth to old age. The style used by Kienerk harmoniously combines contemporary taste with neo-16th century quotations, also clear in the large well-rounded female figure in the foreground. She represents Resignation and holds in her hands a scroll showing a passage from Genesis, “Memento homo quia pulvis es”, as a further reference to the temporality of human existence. The entire work is surrounded by a border of plant wreaths recalling Renaissance Tuscan art. The work is unique in Certosa and likewise in the sculptor’s output, it being his only funerary monument.

Sara Benuzzi