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Beccadelli Grimaldi Monument

Approx. 1817


The monument dedicated to Giacomo Beccadelli Grimaldi was commissioned by his wife, Violante Bovio, in 1817, a few months after the purchase of the arch of Cloister III, intended for burial. The drawing, designed by architect Filippo Antolini, was approved by the Academy of arts in Bologna. Then, the implementation was entrusted to Giacomo De Maria and Pietro Trefogli. The arch is bordered by a classical frame entirely covered in decorations inspired to the Renaissance and usually linked to death: flaming candleholders and poppy bunches. The real monument itself is located in the middle of the arch, leaning against the back wall: at the bottom there is a sarcophagus and on the side there are two dancing angels holding wreaths of flowers, with the family coat of arms hanging in the middle; at the top there is a squared slab of marble with a Latin inscription supported by the two allegorical figures of Peace on the left and Prudence on the right. The personification of Peace holds an olive branch and indicates the circular medal, which shows the profile of the deceased, whereas the personification of Prudence holds in his hands the mirror and the snake, which are its traditional attributes.

Antonella Mampieri

Translation from the italian language thanks to the 2017/18 students Sofia Guida, Margherita Sforza, Rodolfo Rigosi of the Galvani high school in Bologna, supervised by the teacher Annamaria Marconi.