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Avogli Trotti Monument

Approx. 1874


The marble monument, of which the sculptor is still unknown at the time, was commissioned by Leonardo Avogli Trotti after his wife Anna Maria Fabbri’s death, which took place in 1874. The two spouses are portrayed in profile in the two marble rounds on the sides of the angel sculpted in the round. Another angel, very similar to the first, has been identified in the Cemetery of S. Giovanni in Persiceto and adorns the tomb of the Lodini family. Due to the technical characteristics, the work can be attributed to the sculptor Giuseppe Pacchioni. The architectural setting and decoration of the flower festoons, on the other hand, appear very similar to that of the monument dedicated to the Negri family, at no. 89 of the same portico. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Armandi family was added to the property, as Anna Avogli Trotti married Gaspare Armandi. In 1932, the Matteucci family was added to the property of the sepulcher. Roberto Martorelli
Technical description

The monument consists of a white marble arch with a base in gray marble. The base has a central ornament composed of a cross enclosed in an oval with torches also enclosed in ovals on both sides. The two side pilasters with inscriptions and rounds, surrounded by festoons, depict on the left a profile of a woman and on the right one of a man, both in bas-relief. In the lunette there is the family coat of arms. In the central niche, inside the arch, there is an all-round marble statue representing an angel. Facing the plinth there are two gray marble planters while two others in white marble are set on the sides of the statue. On the pilasters there are two votive iron lights bearing a little cross.

Translation from the italian language thanks to the 2017/18 students Matteo Grippo, Alessia Pagliero, Federica Sibani of the Galvani high school in Bologna, supervised by the teacher Annamaria Marconi.