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Funerary monument of Aristide Venturini



Aristide Venturini was a lawyer and patriot of Bologna, editor of the periodical "The poor." In Bologna he took part in the risings of August 1848, then to the defense of the Roman Republic in 1849. The tomb, located in the Sala San Paolo of the Certosa, is decorated with Masonic symbols that highlight the presence, at the Monumental Cemetery of the Certosa in Bologna, of a secular and classical culture favorable to Freemasonry. The Christians symbols are absent while the decorative choices recall the ancient Egyptian rituality introduced by Cagliostro, with recurring symbols: the set square, the compass, the archpendulum. The portraits of Aistide Venturini and his wife Lucia Scagliarini are the work of the sculptor Pasquale Rizzoli. Curiously, her wife is portrayed with thick hair above her upper lip.