Adele Bergamini and Giosue Carducci

Adele Bergamini and Giosue Carducci

1877 | 1893


The Carducci house has conserved the papers of Adele Bergamini (Rome, 1845 - 1925), while those from Giosue Carducci were housed at the National Central Library of Rome, to which Adele sold them in 1907, after the death of the writer.

A friend of scholars, journalists, and government officials, it was the weak vein writer, Rome’s Adele Bergamini that entered Carducci’s life with such force from March 1877 to May 1893, striving to win the title of Carducci’s inspirational muse for his poems. It is the epistolary dialogue between the two that have started to unravel the love story, marked by their brief encounters and rather entrusting the pages of the letters, to express two worlds irretrievably distant, not only by a point of geography: from one side of the page Carducci’s world of culture, moved but guarded as seen in the renowned missive writings from the Caffè dei Servi, and the prudent reserve around his Bologna life; to which the remaining grammatically incorrect lines between Adele’s speech and dialect, can a varied and lively picture of Rome in the 1880s be traced including editorial offices, ministries, picnics and scandals. And if, at the front of the bourgeois solidity of the scholar and professor, Adele Bergamini lived in precarious conditions as a woman in the 19th century it was because she lacked both economic means and familial security, in the correspondence we recover not a few traces of what nevertheless belongs to it, also settled in some veins of Carducci’s poetry and translations, with the ode Ragioni metriche, as the first dazzling icon of "Byzantine" Rome. Inside the ‘Odi barbare’ collection the Nobel Prize winner dedicates the ode “Fuori alla Certosa di Bologna” (Out at the Certosa in Bologna) to Adele. The epistolary report was given by the publication "Giosue Carducci - Adele Bergamini, Carteggio" (marzo 1877 -maggio 1893)”, by Anna Maria Tosi, Mucchi editor, 2018. In collaboration with Casa Carducci Bologna (Carducci House Bologna).

Translation from italian language by Holly Bean.

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