Giorgi Brigida Monument

Giorgi Brigida Monument



The monument was painted in 1813, following the enlargement of the cemetery area where a first memorial monument dedicated to the deceased was built by the sculptors Barbieri and Giuseppe Fancelli and then had to be destroyed. Brigida Giorgi’ s husband commissioned a new one to the painters Filippo Pedrini and Luigi Gibelli. The monument celebrates the famous singer, who was known throughout Europe. On a high, smooth base rests the Latin inscription, surmounted by a small sarcophagus, flanked by two flaming torches. Above the sarcophagus there is a circular medallion with the profile of the deceased, including trophies of musical instruments. In the lunette it is possible to see the seated and sore figure of Music, flanked by a small genius, who receives from Fame the news of the death of her follower.

Traduzione a cura di Amelia Franzoni; classe 3Q, nell'ambito del progetto di Alternanza scuola-lavoro 2017/18 con il Liceo Ginnasio Luigi Galvani di Bologna.

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