Classical culture gave the eagle the ability to watch the sun. It is Jupiter’s main attribute. In many European and Mediterranean religions it is connected to the supreme divinity, to the regality and to the paternity. In the Roman world the eagle is the symbol of the empire and of the emperor. As a snake hunter, it symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, of good over evil. It is also the representation of elevation of thought. According to the ancient Greek book “Physiologus”, which described animals, the eagle points out the resurrection of Christ and regeneration through baptism. According to the author the eagle flies towards the sun and gets his wings burnt, because it is next to solar warmth; so it has to dive three times into pure water to regain its youth. In western countries the Eagle is used in heraldry and it's the symbol of power.

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Traduzione dall'italiano a cura della classe 5 H del Liceo Scientifico “Augusto Righi” di Bologna, nell'ambito del progetto di scambio culturale con il Liceo "Europaschule" di Bornheim, Germania, maggio-ottobre 2014

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