English text. The half-open or completely closed door is a feature which is often found in the funerary western art, from the Etruscan-Roman ages to the ninenteenth century. The door stands for the passage from the earth to the other world, an afterlife dominated by God's light or darkness, where reigns the eternal grace, damnation or nothing. The completely closed door gives shape to the aim of the tomb itself, which is the threshold between two worlds and stresses the impossibility of coming back to life. Whereas the half-open door relates to hope of life after death. This hope in Christian culture is made concrete by the idea of an eternal salvation, promised by Christ, a God who has defeated death. Also the half-open door in Christian world could return to the waiting of judgment: the dead is still, but in an altitude of waiting. The door which is not completely closed may break the one-way feature death imposes on life. Underlining the idea of a possible communication between the two worlds. In some funeral monuments, the door could be simply seen as an entrance to the Chamber of tombs.

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Traduzione di Anastasia Bello e Freddy Arko, classe 3^D del Liceo “Laura Bassi” di Bologna, nell'ambito del progetto "Alternanza Scuola - lavoro", AS. 2016-2017.

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