Tomb plaque of Gualberta Alaide Beccari

Tomb plaque of Gualberta Alaide Beccari

1908 ca.


Tomb plaque of Gualberta Alaide Beccari, post 1908. Cloister VI, west porch. Bologna, Museo Monumentale della Certosa. The inscription highlights the charitable work for the poor children carried out by the deceased during her whole life. The inscription on the plaque reads: "All her life was fight / to an ideal of feminine dignity / sacrifice, maternal apostolate / to many poor children / May her memory tell us / how great can be / the light of a mind / the flame of a heart ". Beccari in 1868 founded the magazine "Woman," with the aim of educating and informing women in all sectors. In Bologna she formed a cultural association of women engaged in major campaigns of the nineteenth-century feminism to achieve civil and political rights of women.

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