Laurel, like other evergreen plants, is related to the idea of immortality. As the myth tells, with Dafne’s metamorphosis this shrub has become holy to the God Apollo and it symbolizes the glory and triumph that comes the political-military activities and from artistic skills. In fact the winners of the games, and heroes, cantors and poets, leaders and wisemen were crowned with its branches. Also the apollinian nature of laurel makes it a symbol of wisdom and divination: Pyhitian chewed its leaves during her divinatory activity. Also it has a meaning of physical purity and spirituality: Vestals, who were pure both in the body and their spirit, were crowned with laurel. In the Roman tradition is mostly the symbol of victory and triumph, it underlines the peace that comes and crowns the military enterprise. The personification of victory does in fact offer a laurel crown. The connection with music, poetry, and in fact victory has remained the same during the centuries. Tha is why there are planty of laurel braches and crowns represented on tombs of protectors of the arts and on the memorial monuments of military leaders and politicans men throughout the XIX Century.

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Traduzione dall'italiano a cura della classe 3^D del Liceo “Laura Bassi” di Bologna (Marta Massari, Alice Scala, Marianna Tortora), nell'ambito del progetto "Alternanza Scuola - lavoro", AS. 2016-2017.

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