Lantern | brazier

Lantern | brazier


Their meaning is connected to the symbols of light and fire. The first one illuminates the darkness and leads the men’s steps. The second one purifies and connects the real world to the divine world. The lantern and the lamp are symbols of lighting,of the light that arises from the faith and of the God’s presence. They are also symbols of knowledge, especially in esoteric context. In the mortuary Art, these symbols, can represent the link of memory. They are often represented in the funeral monuments of XIX century; sometimes they are physically represented otherwise they are painted by different artists. The brazier was already used in Middle East, it was a typical object of Templar in Greek and Roman culture. The brazier is the symbol of the Holy Sphere and it’s connected to the Gods' prayer, to sacrifices and to the rites of purification.

Traduzione di Lorenzo Campanella, classe 3^D del Liceo “Laura Bassi” di Bologna, nell'ambito del progetto "Alternanza Scuola - lavoro", AS. 2016-2017.

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