The globe is a complex symbol and has different meanings; generally it expresses the whole, perfection, supremacy and, if hold in hand, stands for sovereignty. Moreover it often used to depict the world and the celestial sphere, which in the ancient Greek tradition of Orphism are represented with two concentric spheres. In the symbolism of the funerary monuments it can refer to political and scientific activity or it can be the attribute of Geography. It is also used in the Masonic context, in fact we can find the globe as a symbol of the world that has to be known beyond the simple appearances. In some cases this symbol is associated with compasses and square ruler that are other Masonic symbols. Moreover the globe can be represented with wings and in some versions it could be blended with the winged Egyptian sun and with or without two snakes. In conclusion the globe can be surrounded by the Greek symbol ouroboros that means eternity and never ending process.

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Traduzione a cura della classe 5 H del Liceo Scientifico “Augusto Righi” di Bologna, nell'ambito del progetto di scambio culturale con il Liceo "Europaschule" di Bornheim, Germania, maggio-ottobre 2014.

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