Fornasari Monument

Fornasari Monument



The monument commissioned by Giovanni Fornasari to the architect Vincenzo Vannini, is dedicated to his son Giacomo, a young university graduate who died prematurely in 1818 at the age of just 21 years. The monument consists of a simple pedestal topped by a stone with a cornice and an oval bead framing the headstone. The semi-circular bottom is decorated with a rich draping. In front of the stele are situated two poignant mourners, placed symmetrically on either side by the sculptor Giovanni Putti: the one on the left Weeping and the other on the right Veiled. The latter recalls a similar sculpture by Giacomo De Maria at the Caprara grave, Putti removing the formal synthesis desired by his colleague. For the Weeping figure, on the other hand, Putti proposes a new iconography in contrast with similar previous subjects: no longer a figure completely wrapped in a heavy coat, but a young woman gently drying her tears with her veil, leaving uncovered her hair and forearms.

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