Dictionary of funerary symbols

The symbols that are illustrated can represent a particular conjuction of nineteenth-century culture with classic antiquity and Judaeo-christian tradition, which is expressed thanks to a particular structure: the tomb. Tombs aren’t just a way to remember our families and private life, but they can also be used to provide the dead with a social life after death, by means of recollection. Tombs have two meanings. The former is the passage between earthly life and afterlife, where we can have andless hapiness orendless damnation: ghosts,angels… The latter is the passage between past and present, which includes not just individual cultures bt also a common identity in family and social fields. A society often uses tombstone express its set of values, as like in any important monuments.

Traduzione a cura di Balducci Mariasole, Breda Eva, Lambertini Francesca, Merolla Zoe nell'ambito del progetto di Alternanza scuola-lavoro 2018/19 con il Liceo Ginnasio Luigi Galvani di Bologna.

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