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Oak tree


The oak tree is the symbol of soundness, power and spiritual elevation. It’s a long-lived and majestic tree; the Latins called it “Robur”(strength). His qualities with the ability to attract bolts, make the Oak a tree connected to celestial divinities and in the Greek-Roman culture is associated to Zeus, the Gods’ father. The Roman civic crown was made with leaves of the Oak tree. That crown was given to a soldier who rescued a mate into a battle. The Roman Emperors were crowned with this crown which is also the symbol of military glory. The leaves of the Oak represent the glory and the succes. These leaves are frequently present in the mortuary Art of XIX century.

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Traduzione di Lorenzo Campanella, classe 3^D del Liceo “Laura Bassi” di Bologna, nell'ambito del progetto "Alternanza Scuola - lavoro", AS. 2016-2017.