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Marcello Dudovich

21 Marzo 1878 - 31 Marzo 1962


In 1987 Marcelo Dudovich was called by Metlicovitz, a fellow citizen of his, to help him with his work. He fulfilled a demanding training working to make Metlicovitz’s and Hohenstein’s posters, with such results that in a few year’s time he became a poster maker himself. In 1899 he moved to Bologna and, even if he kept on working with the same association, he founded a new one with Chappuis, to whom he brought luck and success. Later on, between 1900 and 1905, he met his future wife Elisa Bucchi, a fashion journalist, and they got married even if he already had a child, Ernesto. One daughter, Adriana, was born from the marriage in 1911 in Monaco di Baviera. In Germany he collaborated with the newspaper “Simplicissimus”, but he had to cut off this partnership because of the war. He later took part in the venetian’s Biennale from in 1923 and 1925 and in Rome in 1928; he was also a book illustrator and collaborated with many magazines such as “Ars et Labor”, “Novissima”, “Rapiditas” and “Italia ride”. He took part in many competitions and won many prizes, such as the one for the inauguration of the “Traforo del Sempione” in 1906. In fifty years, he managed to create a large number of posters and he mostly focused on advertising panels. Dudovich can be considered, along with Cappiello, as the most clever Italian poster designer of his century. He was also a cautious interpreter of life: during his life he witnessed many horse races and charity galas and observed them attentively and ironically.

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