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Renato Dall'Ara

10 Ottobre 1892 - 3 Giugno 1964


In 1934 Renato Dall’ara (1892 - 1964) decided to take responsibility of the football team of Bologna when Leandro Arpinati’s charge ended, as the fascist regime needed to find a reliable leader for one of the most solid organizationsin the city. On 26th January 1934 Gianni Bonaveri left the bologna football club to Renato Dall’Ara. Dall’Ara was born in Reggio Emilia on the 10th of October 1892 and became a booming industrialist of the knitwear factory. He loved the company of women and he didn’t seem to be a person concerned with football. In fact this seemed to be a transitory experience but in reality he would become a key figure in this field.

After an adaptation season, he bought Michele Andreolo from Uruguay and the team began to win. He was seen as a mean man because he used to have exhausting negotiations for the players’ contract renewals. He was led by a great passion and in a short time his intuition became infallible. In the fifties Bruni Roghi explained that he was not mean but he was actually against money waste. However in the postwar period Bologna football club had to struggle to achieve the victory of the national championship even though other good results were obtained. Even though constant attempts were made to bring bologna back to glory. The president hired Giuseppe Viani as the team’s new coach and they became friends. At the beginning of the sixties his hard work started giving great results, in fact the youth and the scouts sectors allowed him to bring great talents to the club. He bought some good players like Harald Nielsen, Helmut Haller and Fulvio Bernardini. At the peak of his success, an argument with Angelo Moratti at the Lega Calcio headquarters caused him a heart attack: it was the 3rd of June 1964, four days later the team beat AS Roma in the championship. Despite becoming known for his greed Renato, had always made the club shine and with him Bologna Football Club won 9 trophies. Renato Dall’ara rests in a simple sarcophagus decorated with a reproduction of the tiles made by Lorenzo Ghiberti for the baptistery of Florence, placed near the nineteenth-century entrance of the Certosa. 30 years later the stadium was dedicated to him.

Carlo Felice Chiesa

Traduzione dall'italiano degli studenti Candini, Tedesco e Caneti; Liceo ginnasio Luigi Galvani Bologna, anno 2017-2018.