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Giuseppe Albini

1863 - 1933


Latinist and linguist. As a disciple of Giosue Carducci, he taught latin and greek grammar in Bologna and afterwards he taught at the Giovanni Battista Gandino in the Cathedral of Latin Linguistics, a role he kept until his death; he became the Dean of the University of Bologna (1927-1930). He wrote poetry in Italian and Latin, following in the tradition of all of Virgil’s works. He was a city advisor and, from 1924, Senator of the King. He is buried at the Certosa of Bologna, in the Gallery of Angels, in cell 10. The cell is designed with semi-circles inside the Gallery of Angels, one of the most beautiful places of the Certosa, built at the end of the 19th century as a project by Antonio Zannoni, the true museum of Realism sculptures in Bologna. The bust of the scholar and poet, created by Alfonso Borghesani, was created in the 1930 in a plaster cast that also covers the marble walls and the high memorial ceilings.

Translation from italian language by Holly Bean.