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Laghi Luigi Monument



The monument of the physician Luigi Laghi was realized by Filippo Pedrini and Domenico Ferri in 1816. Thanks to the perspective the effect produced is of a barrel vaulted space with coffered casings with in the center, in the foreground, a structure composed of a truncated pyramid surmounted by a series of basses cylinders, one of which is crowned with tragic masks. In the foreground, at the center of the base, there is a stele which is crowned by two volutes and it contains the Latin inscription. Two veiled weeping women are resting on the stele. At the top of the monument sits a female figure holding a circular medallion in her right hand , containing the left profile of the deceased. On both sides of the monument there are two lit lamps.

The painting depicts a large funeral stone surmounted by a statue of a woman who is sitting; she is holding a medallion depicting a male profile in her right hand. The cippus, with a pyramidal trunk base and a circular top part with two oil lamps on the sides, is inserted in a coffered vault painted in a central perspective. In the foreground there are two women leaning against the kiosk containing the tombstone, thre cimasa is surmounted by double-curled decorations.

Traduzione a cura degli studenti Candini, Tedesco, Caneti; nell'ambito del progetto di Alternanza scuola-lavoro 2017/18 con il Liceo Ginnasio Luigi Galvani di Bologna.