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Hospital field | Wall along the canal

Di rilevanza storica


In the area originally dedicated to the Carthusian monks who cultivated the land and created a fishery, significant family crypts and chapels were built from the beginning of the 20th century. The oldest tombs are arranged parallel to the wall that runs along the Reno canal, while the large central space, named "Campo degli Ospedali" (Hospital field) has been here since the second half of the 20th century.

Between the monuments leaning on the wall along the Canal, there are those dedicated to Luigi Zanardi and his father Francesco (Silverio Montaguti, 1922), Giorgio Morandi (Giacomo Manzù, 1964 ) and Bruno Saetti (1984). Instead, between the works of Liberty style and Deco we need to mention at least the Bonora tomb (Alfonso Borghesani, 1921) and that of Vegetti di Armando Minguzzi (1884 - 1940). In addition, between the different works that interpret the renewed classicism of the second half of the 20th century, there are the tombs of Frassetto di Farpi Vignoli (1950) and the Chapel Monti designed by Luigi Accenti (1940). At the center of Campo degli Ospedali is also visible from a distance the Ossuary monument of the Fallen Partisans, a masterpiece of Italian rationalism designed by Pietro Bottoni. It was completed in 1959 and enriched by sculptures of the same architect, as well as by those of Genny Mucchi and Stella Korczynka. In front of an access stairway is collocated the sarcophagus of Giuseppe Dozza (1901 - 1974), the Mayor of the Liberation. Around the Ossuary and along the walkways are placed numerous family crypts and chapels, some of which are of artistic and architectural interest. However what stands out the most is the Chapel Goldoni designed by Giuseppe Vaccaro (1896 - 1970), decorated with a large bas-relief representing the Last Judgment sculpted by Amerigo Tot (1909 - 1984).

Translation from the italian language thanks to the 2017/18 student Mariagrazia Ventrici (4B) of the Liceo Linguistico Internazionale Boldrini.