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1500 cloister

Di rilevanza storica


The 1500 cloister is so called after the collocation of the big funeral monuments (16th century) from the ancient churches, such as St Francesco. The elegant architecture, which can be seen today is due to an important renovation in the 20th century. Nowadays there is no more the museum part, but walking in the nearby rooms we can still see medieval slabs and monuments of the renaissance, even if most of them were moved during the 20th century to the original churches or the town’s museums.

The big cript Barbieri (1955) sculpted by Ercole Drei, is situated in the cloister yard. The annexed 16th rooms were originally the monastery lodgings spaces. You can still see a fresco printed by Bartolomeo Cesi in Sala Barbieri representing “Madonna con il bambino tra i santi Girolamo e Bruno”. Sala della Foresteria takes its current name after the building of a monument dedicated to the industrialist Edoardo Weber in 1957 designed by Augusto Panighi (1908-1979) and sculpted by Venanzio Baccilieri (1909-1984). Tens of headstones coming from the ancient ecclesiastical building are walled up in the eastern corridor of Sala Barbieri, they cover a long period from 13th to 18th centuries. The area recently restored still keeps Antonio Bernacchi’s memories famous singer nada Farinelli’s teacher. Romano Franchi’ and Renaud Martinelli’s artworks are located in the other rooms (1910-1995) .

Traduzione a cura di D’Aria Federico, Graziano Maria Giulia, Laffi Elena, Pasti Beatrice nell'ambito del progetto di Alternanza scuola-lavoro 2018/19 con il Liceo Ginnasio Luigi Galvani di Bologna.